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Taipei Main Station

TEL: 02-2312-3256

No.3, Beiping W. Rd. (southwest side of 1F lobby)
Daily 08:00~20:00

Songshan Airport

TEL: 02-2546-4741

No.340-10, Dunhua N. Rd. (Arrival Hall, Terminal 2)
Daily 08:00~20:00

East Metro Mall

TEL: 02-8772-0830

Room 4-2, B1F, No.77, Sec. 1, Da-an Rd.
Daily 09:00~21:00

Taipei City Hall Bus Station

TEL: 02-2723-6836

No.6, Sec. 5, Zhongxiao E. Rd. (1F lobby)
Daily 09:00~21:00

MRT Beitou Station

TEL: 02-2894-6923

No.1, Guangming Rd. (left side of station entrance)
Daily 09:00~18:00

MRT Ximen Station

TEL: 02-2375-3096

B1F., No.32-1, Baoqing Rd. (near Exit 5)
Daily 09:00~21:00

MRT Jiantan Station

TEL: 02-2883-0313

No.65, Sec. 5, Zhongshan N. Rd. (near Exit 1)
Daily 09:00~21:00

MRT Yuanshan Station

TEL: 02-2591-6130

No.9-1, Jiuquan St. (near Exit 2)
Daily 09:00~18:00

Miramar Entertainment

TEL: 02-8501-2762

No.20, Jingye 3rd Rd. (near 1F Fountain Square)
Daily 11:00~21:00

Plum Garden

TEL: 02-2897-2647

No.6, Zhongshan Rd.
Tue-Sun 09:00-17:00 (Colsed on Mondays)

Gondola Taipei Zoo Station

TEL: 02-8661-7627

No.2, Ln. 10, Sec. 2, Xinguang Rd. (Maokong Gondola Service Center 1F)
Tue-Fri 09:00-21:00 Sat-Sun 08:30-21:00 (Closed on Mondays)

Gondola Maokong Station

TEL: 02-2937-8563

No.35, Ln. 38, Sec. 3, Zhinan Rd.
Tue-Fri 09:00-18:00 Sat-Sun 08:30-20:00 (Closed on Mondays)

Taipei 101/World Trade Center Visitor Information Center

TEL: 02-2758-6593

B1F., No.20, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd.
Daily 09:00~21:00

2015 Calendar of Taipei Tourism-oriented Festivals

Baosheng Culture festival 2015

Dalongdong Baoan Temple
In agrarian Taiwan, temples were both places of worship and centers of folk art performances. Long before television and social media, temple festivals were much-anticipated sources of entertainment as well as chances to celebrate blessings.

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2015 Taipei Dragon Boat Festival

Dajia Riverside Park
Duanwu or Dragon-boat Festival is a cornerstone celebration in the traditional Taiwanese calendar. It is celebrated with sticky-rice dumplings and exciting dragon-boat races that attract hard-core competitors and enthusiastic onlookers!

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2015 Taipei Fun Water Festival

Teipei waterpark
The summertime Taipei Fun Water Festival combines water fun, activities, and eco-education to help cool the city’s summer heat and bring a bit of cultured fun to city residents.


2015Taipei Shopping Festival

Taipei Shopping Festival 2015 celebrates the unique pleasures of shopping in our fair city with a full month-and-a-half’s worth of shopping incentives & discounts!


2015 Taipei Dadaocheng Fireworks Festival

Dadaocheng Pier、Yanping Riverside Park
This annual festival held on Chinese Valentines Day is sure to add spice to your romantic plans. Watch the main fireworks display and join in the many Valentines-themed activities held throughout the district!


Taipei Design&City Exhibition 2015

Songshan Culture and Creative Park
2015 marks the 4th year for the Taipei Design Expo. The expo fuses local and international contemporary aesthetics into an explosion of creativity that is “distinctly Taipei”.


2015 Taipei Flora Festival

This series of 5 floral exhibitions centers on the 4 themes of home landscaping, floral arranging, decorative flowers, and commercial landscaping.


2016 GO Further Taipei

Plaza before Taipei City Hall,Xinyi Commercial Center
Taipei welcomes in the New Year with a 6-1/2-hour concert featuring many of today’s hottest local stars, a plethora of activities, and the Taipei 101 fireworks show. The citywide New Years party is one of the year’s most anticipated events!


Velo-City Global 2016

This event is scheduled to coincide with the annual Taipei Cycle Show and Tour de Taiwan bicycle race. Cycling enthusiasts of all ages and ability levels are welcome to join in this celebration of the two-wheeled way of life.

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Taipei City Travel / Visitor Apps

Please visit the web portal:apps.taipei.gov.twfor more Taipei City-related apps.




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These Fun Taipei itineraries use a variety of transportation options, including bicycle, city bus, MRT, and walking. Use your personal EasyCard to access Taipei’s public transportation services and explore all that our fair city has to offer! International visitors may rent YouBikes instantly using their chip credit card (see www.youbike.com.tw for further details on Taipei’s YouBike program).

Free year-round, 24-hour WiFi

Free year-round, 24-hour WiFi access is available in public areas, along major roadways, and in other busy sections of the city. Get your free account by showing your passport at any of the city’s 13 Visitor Service Centers. Moreover, many restaurants and convenience stores provide local WiFi access free to their customers.

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